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Terms of Use

Carnival Corporation committed to do its utmost to keep the information published on this website accurately updated. Carnival Corporation at any time without notice to correct its own reserves the right content of this website . However , Carnival Corporation does not guarantee the accuracy provided , accuracy, completeness or completeness of the information on this site.

Thus , Carnival Corporation will not assume responsibility for the following conditions :

- Any site interruption ;

- Any system vulnerabilities ;

- This site provides information on errors or omissions ;

- Fraudulent intrusion by a third party , to modify the information in this website , which caused the loss ;

- Any direct or indirect damage , regardless of cause , nature, cause or consequence . This includes the cost of the purchase of goods on the site caused , profits, customer data loss , or loss of specific commodities or inaccessible due to enter the site caused , directly or indirectly, or credited due from the information on this website caused .

Personal Data Protection

Carnival Corporation is committed to protecting Internet users online confidentiality of any information. In addition, Internet users can send to the following address by notice in writing to any personal information in order to be read , modified or deleted:

Carnival Corporation

Media Division

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A cookie is without your consent , we have a small file stored on your browser or your computer's hard drive , usually contain letters and numbers. Cookies contain some information placed on your hard drive calculations.

We use the following cookies:

Must enable cookies. These are necessary for the use of our website cookies. They include , for example, cookies allow you to log in secure area of our website.
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Below is a table of cookies we use and lists the purpose of our use of cookies :

Cookie aim must

(TagHeuer, symfony, CASTGC, isLogged, org.springframework.web.servlet.i18n.CookieLocaleResolver.LOCALE, JSESSIONID) these cookies to maintain login page and browse during your login / logout information . It uses a unique login name anonymously collect information. Be
Google analytics (_utma, _utmb, _utmc, _utmz)
DoubleClick tracker (id) these cookies from the Google Analytics and DoubleClick ( third party ) set up to collect and how you use our site and the application of non-personal information . These cookies do not identify you individually . We use this information to create usage reports show website. It will help us continue to improve the site , applications and browsing experience. More information
Last Slide (TAGHeuerLastSlide_Home) again this cookie records your browser home page to view the current home slide. No
knownVisitor This cookie is used to determine whether this information has been made to show you a banner . No

Please note that third parties may also use our control cookies. These cookies may be analyzed / performance cookies, or target cookies.

If you do not want us to use cookies outlined above , we agree that the use of cookies or changed your mind, you can delete and disable cookies for this site through a browser. If you disable all cookies ( including essential cookies) using the browser settings, some features of our site may not be enabled .


This website may contain links to other sites or Internet resources . Carnival Corporation can not control these sites and external resources. Thus , Carnival Corporation will not be liable for those sites or external resources , nor provided or guided content, advertising , products, services or other materials responsible for these sites and external sources. In addition, the content or goods and services provided by Carnival Corporation not to trust these sites or external resources caused by real or alleged damage or loss responsibility.

Carnival Corporation property

This site and all related software and site may contain confidential information or intellectual property subject to existing legislation or other regulations to protect information. Therefore, unless otherwise stated , all elements of the file as well as the creation of this site and site -related intellectual property rights contained in the company is the exclusive property of the carnival , the carnival because the company did not sign any license or other right , only to Internet users provide advice . All documents published on this site may be reproduced only for private use . Expressly prohibit copying and copying for other purposes . About Software is strictly prohibited to copy, modify, create derivative products , reversing its conceptual design or configuration - or trying to find the source code ( of the non- permitted by law ) , sell , license, sublicense , modify, or transfer the software 's property rights. In addition, the software is prohibited to modify the software or use a modified version , in particular, but not limited to , in order to gain unauthorized access to services - or by way of Carnival Corporation other than the interface provided by the website .

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